AFIT In-Processing

Welcome, AFIT Students! 

Detachment 890 has the privilege to be your servicing CSS while you are participating in your selected AFIT Program. More specifically, we are here to assist with in-processing, administering physical fitness assessments, duty information updates, etc. Below you will find information on what items will be needed for in-processing and instructions for each form, along with some general information.

*Note: Your in-processing documents must be submitted to box NLT your RNLTD date. Any documents that contain PII must be sent via DoD SAFE ( Note you will need to have a CAC card reader and CAC card to send items through SAFE. Send all items to email above. You will need the following documents listed below to complete in-processing.

In-Processing Documents:

- Orders

- All Amendments, if applicable

- IDA Worksheet

- Family Care Plan Requirements MFR

- AF Form 55

- Risk Management Fundamentals Certificate

*Motorcycle Riders*

- AETC 708 (CC Motorcycle Safety Interview)

- AF Form 4391 (High-Risk Activity Form)

- Update AFSAS/MUSTT Account

- Complete Travel Voucher

We have included instructions below for each corresponding action and form.

IDA Worksheet

Only the top portion of the IDA worksheet must be completed. Please update any boxes that have an asterisk (*) in them.

Family Care Plan Requirements MFR

This form is required for all members regardless of whether a Family Care Plan is needed. After reviewing the Family Care Plan slides, please fully complete the MFR and either digitally or wet sign.

AF Form 55

Please complete blocks 1-5 at the top of the page. In section III, please input the date you reviewed the JSTO and when you accomplished the Air Force Risk Management Fundamentals course.

Risk Management Fundamentals Certificate

The Risk Management Fundamentals course is a one-time that can be on ADLS, through the Air Force Portal. If you have already complete that course, that is perfectly fine as that date can be used on the AF Form 55. Please submit a copy of the certificate as it will need to be kept on file with your AF Form 55.

AETC 708 (CC Motorcycle Safety Interview)

All sections will need to be completed and any section that appears to be a check box, simply place an ‘X’ in the appropriate box. Once complete, please either digitally or wet sign the form.

AF 4391 (High-Risk Activity Form)

Complete the entirety of Section I and then either digitally or wet sign.

Update AFSAS/MUSTT Profile

You’ll need to update your AFSAS/MUSTT profile to indicate your current location and base. Ensure that your unit information is updated to Detachment 890. If you do not have an account, one can be created at the following link: (Make sure to have CAC reader and CAC card connected). A walkthrough on how to update your motorcycle information is provided on this page.

Travel Voucher

You are able to complete and submit your travel voucher online using the ‘eFinance Workspace’ that can be found on the Air Force Portal’s main page. A walkthrough guide on voucher submission is included. Should you have any specific questions about your travel voucher or pay issues, you will need to contact Langley’s Finance Office as listed in the following section

Additional Information & Important Contact Info

- Unfortunately, our office does not have DEERS/RAPIDS capability. However, you can use the ID Card Office Online as a tool to update your DEERS Information or locate and schedule an appointment with a DEERS station near you. For those stationed near/at University of Virginia, the JAG school will be your best choice.

- PT Tests: Our Detachment has the capability to conduct formal PT tests. Please ensure to make contact with us at least 2 weeks out from your due date. Although we can administer the test, you are not bound to come to us if it creates a hardship. You can schedule your PT test at any approved testing facility closer to your location.

Helpful Contacts:

  • Langley AFB:
    • MPS:
      • Customer Support:      757-764-6420
      • Force Management:     757-225-9465
      • Outbound:                   757-764-7047
    • Finance:    757-764-3333
    • Operator:   757-764-9990/1110
    • TMO:         757-764-7868


Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email at or by phone at 434-924-6832.

PT Testing

Our Detachment does not have access to an Air Force authorized track to conduct fitness assessments.

Fitness testing will need to be scheduled through Langley AFB’s Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC) using the following link:  For all other FAC questions, please use the following email address: