Program Info

Cadet Operations Policy AFROTCI 36-2011

The document attached is our guiding document for all policies and operations established here at Detachment 890.

This is our founding document that we refer to constantly. Learn it, Know it, Live it.

Incoming Students/New Candidates

CCT/Newcomer's Orientation

Prior to beginning your first Fall Semester in AFROTC, you are highly encouraged to participate in New Cadet Orientation, also known as Cadet Candidate Training.

This is a two-day mini-bootcamp to introduce new potential cadets on how AFROTC operates. We expect you to arrive mentally and physically fit.

This event occurs a week prior to the start of the Fall Semester and is vital to in-processing into the program. We cover general expectations and requirements while enrolled in the program.

Required In-Processing Documents can be found under the section CCT/Newcomer's Orientation.

More information will be given out to those who enrolled early into our classes. The course codes are listed in another section below. Make sure you enroll into our courses at the beginning of the semester.

Missing this event puts you at a great disadvantage with regards to military protocol and physical fitness. Come ready to learn.

CCT will be held on-location at each university minus PVCC. PVCC candidates must provide their own transportation to UVA.

Active Duty Service Commitment

Active Duty Service Commitment applies to cadets under contract. This includes cadets who activated their scholarship and been in the program for one year. Also, ADSC is incurred for contracted cadets who passed Field Training (look under the section labeled "Summer Requirements" for more info on Field Training).

ADSC is incurred based on the occupation you are awarded once you graduate and commission from AFROTC. Most occupations only require 4 years on Active Duty status. Active Duty Rated Occupations incur the following

  • Pilot: 12 years
  • Combat Systems Officer/Navigator: 8 years
  • RPA Pilot: 12 years


Prior Military Service Candidates

If you have 180 or more days of consecutive military service, you will be accredited 4 semesters worth of military training. This accreditation essentially excuses you from GMC training, but you must still attend field training and meet all requirements/standards stated in the sections below.

Your academic timeline/Date of Graduation and Commissioning will be discussed further in depth once enrolled in AFROTC.


Dorm-Specific Common Areas

There are no AFROTC dorm room common areas. Dorm room assignments are managed by the university, and the Detachment has no say in where the cadets are housed.

Deadline to Join

The final day to join AFROTC is congruent with your school's policy for final class schedule changes. After that day, we will no longer accept cadets.


Requirements to Join
  • Freshman or Sophomore (Juniors on a case-by-case basis, we suggest Juniors look into Air Force OTS). Freshman must spend 4 years in the program to receive commission. Sophomores must spend 3 years in the program to receive commission. 
  • Maintain Full Time Student Status (12 credit hours per semester or more). Classes not taken at your enrolled university count towards this requirement. AFROTC classes count towards this credit requirement as well.
  • Be a student at either UVA, Liberty University, JMU, or PVCC.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or obtain citizenship within 12 months of Professional Officer Candidate Selection Process (PSP)
  • Enroll into your respective AIRS Class(es) and LLAB Class



Moving Forward in the Program

At the end of your Spring Sophomore semester, you will be evaluated if you are eligible to move forward in the program. The requirements to advance are listed below:

  • Passed all AIRS Freshman classes (110 and 120)
  • Passed all AIRS Sophomore classes (210 and 220)
  • Successfully completed at least 2 semesters worth of LLAB 
  • Met all physical fitness requirements
  • Have a qualified DoDMERB Exam
  • Have a passing AIr Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)

DoDMERB stands for Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board. The DoDMERB process will be discussed further once you join the program. AFOQT testing is administered by us and will also be discussed further once you join the program.

AIRS Freshman/Sophomore Course Codes

UVA - AIRS1100 (Class) and AIRS100 (LLAB)

Liberty - AIRS110 (Class) and AIRS001 (LLAB)

JMU - AIRS110 (Class) and AIRS100 (LLAB)

PVCC - MSC101 (Integrated Class and LLAB)


If you are joining the program as a sophomore, you must take both the Freshman course and the Sophomore course at the same time/congruently, if there is any confusion email us at See the example below. All schools follow the same format. If you are joining in the Spring as a Sophomore, you will require an extra academic year (TWO EXTRA SEMESTERS) to complete the program.

Ex for UVA student: Fall Semester: AIRS1100, AIRS1200, AIRS100

                                Spring Semester: AIRS2100, AIRS2200, AIRS100


Physical Fitness Standards

You will be scored and evaluated according to official United States Air Force and Space Force Physical fitness standards. The score sheets and relevant documents can be located in the PDFs below:


To be eligible for In-College Scholarships (ICSP), you must pass your fitness test.

For HSSP, you must pass your fitness test to activate your scholarship.



Academic Standards
Academic standards

**Academic Requirements to nominate for In-College Scholarships is 3.0 Cum GPA and 2.5 Term GPA in prior semester.


Secretary of the Air Force (SAF)-Approved 5-Year Majors

If your academic major is listed in the table below and you are on scholarship, you will be able to extend your entitlements and financial benefits for an additional 6-12 months. This is does not change your full time student status requirement of 12 credits per semester.

SAF 5-Year Majors


Military Standards

Military retention standards include, but are not limited to, moral character, bearing and behavior, physical fitness, professional conduct and relationships, dress and appearance, meeting contracted retention standards, and other standards as prescribed by Air Force directives. Failure to meet any military retention standard may result in dismissal. You are expected to wear the uniform of the day (UOD) properly to any official AFROTC function (PT, Class, LLAB, etc.).

Mandatory PMT/PDT Requirements

PMT=Professional Military Training

PDT=Professional Development Training

GMC (Freshman and Sophomore) are required to complete one PDT/PMT event during their time. This stipulation means they have two years to participate and complete a military training event outside of the normal schedule and they usually occur over the summer or on the weekend during the school year (i.e. OP 890, Ops Air Force, etc.). Det 890 only schedules one PMT/PDT event per semester. Therefore, if you can attend one, we highly encourage you do. If this requirement is not met by the end of Sophomore year, the cadet will not continue in the program.

The same requirement applies for POC (Juniors and Seniors). If this requirement is not met by the end of Senior year, Commission is denied and the cadet must pay back the Air Force in terms of money or time as enlisted.

Normal Weekly Schedule

For UVA/JMU/PVCC Cadets:

Class is held every Tuesday afternoon at UVA (You will be notified of room numbers once enrolled). Transportation is provided from JMU to UVA and it leaves at 1130. PVCC students must provide their own transportation.

Freshman and Sophomores are in the GMC (General Military Course) and will attend a one-hour class.

Juniors and Seniors are enrolled in the POC (Professional Officer Course) and will attend a two-hour class.

Immediately following class, all cadets convene for the two-hour Leadership Lab class.

UVA and JMU have PT twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 0555-0700


For Liberty Cadets:

Class is held every Thursday afternoon at Liberty (You will be notified of room numbers once enrolled). 

Freshman and Sophomores are in the GMC (General Military Course) and will attend a one-hour class.

Juniors and Seniors are enrolled in the POC (Professional Officer Course) and will attend a two-hour class.

Immediately following class, all cadets convene for the two-hour Leadership Lab class.

Liberty has PT three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 0555-0700.

Scholarship Opportunities

The requirements to be eligible for a scholarship can be found in the link below

Scholarships are only offered once a semester and few are awarded. It is a highly competitive process and one must be truly committed to serving in the Air Force if they want to be eligible.

To summarize, those who were awarded In-College scholarships last semester had an average of 3.2 Cumulative GPA, 92 PT Score, and were ranked at least top 10% of their class.

Nursing Scholarships are only awarded to to Nursing majors who have been accepted into the Nursing School of their respective universities.

Cadets may reapply multiple times for scholarships throughout their time in the program once applications open up each semester, pending Det Commander approval and nomination. This necessary approval and nomination will be based off your performance in the program.

Financial Benefits

Cadets who are under contract or who have activated their Scholarship are given stipends. Stipends are as follows:

Freshman: $300/month

Sophomore: $350/month

Junior: $450/month

Senior: $500/month

These stipends are not directly tied to books/fees/tuition.

In addition to the stipends above, you receive a $900 annual book allowance.

Current Scholarship Recipients

If you have more than one scholarship in addition to the AFROTC scholarship, you must exhaust those scholarships first before applying the AFROTC scholarship to tuition.

Keep in mind, the AFROTC scholarships are for tuition and fees only. They do not cover room and board.

AFJROTC J-100 Scholarship

JROTC Cadets,

Please see brochure below concerning scholarship opportunities

United States Space Force HSSP

The links below will provide info for interested candidates

Summer Requirements for Cadets

The first requirement is Operation Air Force, which happens in the summer between freshman and sophomore year. This program gives cadets the opportunity to travel to an Active Duty Air Force installation to shadow officers of all different occupations. It is usually two-three weeks out of the year. Scholarship recipients are given priority for this program.

The most important requirement is Field Training which occurs in the summer between sophomore and junior year. If selected to go to Field Training, you will be training in Maxwell AFB, AL for two-weeks (Travel and lodging covered by AF). It is an extensive leadership skills course that tests the mental and physical capacity of our selected cadets. They must pass this course or else they will not move forward in the program. Selection to Field Training is dependent on your academic, phsyical, and military performance in addition to your DoDMERB Qualification. If you do not meet standards by the end of sophomore year, you will be terminated from the program.

There are several other summer opportunities that cadets can be selected to attend, such as Army Air Assault School and USAFA Airmanship programs. Although these are not mandatory, they are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, all paid for by the Air Force. Selection for these programs is competitive and only committed high performers/wingmen are rewarded. 

AFROTC vs. Extracurriculars/Athletics/Band/Work Etc.

We encourage our cadets to participate in sports/extracurriculars and to join teams and clubs. AFROTC is designed to foster the "whole-person concept" in order to develop effective leaders for the Air Force.

We emphasize balance in academic, athletic, and military events.

If there are any schedule conflicts with official University-sponsored classes/events/activities, the cadre/staff will work our best to accommodate the cadet. However, this does not excuse the cadet from meeting our objectives. Objectives must still be met before the semester ends or else they risk termination from the program.

Also, unofficial University events/activities (i.e. intramurals, club events) DO NOT take precedence over AFROTC. We understand students also have jobs but work is not an excuse to miss our training events. You know our schedule, plan accordingly.

Our priority in AFROTC is to create Air Force Officers and Leaders. Anyone joining should treat it as such.

Air Force Lawyer (JAG), Medical Professional, and Chaplain Career Paths

There are no direct paths to becoming a JAG or Military Chaplain through AFROTC.

These career paths are only offered through OTS:

For aspiring medical professionals (Doctor, Physician, etc.), it is possible to enter this career field through AFROTC but there is no guarantee. The requirements are demanding and chances are slim. You can learn more through here:

If your heart is truly set on these career paths, then we suggest reaching out to your local recruiting office for more info.

The local Officer Recruiting Station number for Charlottesville is 757-435-1220.