CCT/Newcomer's Instructions


On behalf of Commander, Colonel Jason Bell, Welcome to Air Force ROTC at Detachment 890. First, Thank you for your interest in the program, as well as your desire to be an officer in the United States Air Force. The first step in your journey starts in just a few short months. Summer Cadet Candidate Training, or CCT, is a voluntary, but HIGHLY recommended, 3-day orientation program, where you will gain basic AF knowledge, form bonds with your fellow cadet candidates, and fill out all mandatory paperwork necessary to administratively in-process into the unit. Those who don’t complete CCT won’t officially become cadets or get issued uniforms until they’ve mastered the basics taught during this course. It is much easier to learn this information during the summer with all your Wingmen than during the school year when you’re already behind. That said, CCT is voluntary—you won’t be penalized if you cannot make it. CCT happens on-site at each campus except for PVCC. PVCC candidates will follow UVA reporting times and locations

Your first step is to head over to the Program Info section and thoroughly read all sections to know what we expect of you in this program.

Then, fill out the Newcomer Info form with all your pertinent data and make sure to use your school email address.

Additionally, please review the Inprocessing Required Documents section closely. You will find a list of documents that you are required to fill out and bring with you as PHYSICAL COPIES to CCT. We are preparing for another year of amazing growth in the detachment, so please ensure you have everything ready to go prior to your arrival. We take physical fitness very seriously in the detachment, so please prepare yourself accordingly as this will also set you up for a strong start to the semester. All new arrivals who do not have a completed/approved DoD Medical Evaluation Review Board physical MUST have a current sports physical, completed on the Form 28 and signed by your physician, WITHIN 30 DAYS of the start of CCT. If you do not have a valid AFROTC Form 28 sports physical completed within this 30 day window, you will NOT be allowed to participate in any training. You will also be required to take a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) during CCT, so come prepared. Review the PFA scores sheets in our Program Info Physical Fitness section so you can familiarize yourself with the scoring process. In the event COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, we will proceed with conducting our orientation program through virtual means, so please monitor our website for updates.

Please ensure you are enrolled in the correct courses before the semester begins. The course codes are under Program Info under AIRS Freshman course codes.

Finally, you will need to create a WINGS Account prior to CCT.  WINGS is the official database for AFROTC, and your account is vital to all the administrative processes necessary to qualify you for entry into AFROTC and the USAF/USSF.  Please follow the directions in the Cadet Inprocessing WINGS Account Creation PowerPoint under the Inprocessing Section and answer ALL the questions.  NOTE:  Make sure you use your university email address (the one ending in .edu) and NOT your personal email.

Our CCT Cadet Commander this year will be Cadet Alma Wolf. The dates and campus commanders for each of our universities is as follows:

  • Liberty University: 16-19 August, Cadet Kyle Pettigrew
  • James Madison University: 18-21 August, Cadet Lizzie Gao
  • UVA and PVCC: 17-20 August, Cadet Subham Gurung

After completing the Newcomers Info page, you will receive emails from your respective campus commander confirming your expected arrival date and clarifying the inprocessing requirements. You can start to expect these emails mid-July.

Cadets participating in CCT will be able to move into their on-campus housing early. Please accomplish this in the morning prior the start of inprocessing. You will receive information on this process from your respective campus commander as the move-in date approaches. Below are links to each university's move-in page:




Reporting Times and Locations for first day of CCT (TD-0) - Inprocessing

The morning of TD-0 is left open in order to allow time for CCT candidates to conduct early move-in and get settled in their respective dorms. Inprocessing will start in the afternoon and be divided into 4 time blocks starting with the first letter of your last name. See the chart below for directions. There will be an informational meeting after inprocessing starting promptly at 1600, along with a Parent-Commander Q&A session.

School Name Date Location/Directions Last Name: A-G Last Name: H-N  Last Name: O-U  Last Name: V-Z 
Liberty 16 August DeMoss Hall, Room 1284 1300-1345 1345-1430 1430-1515 1515-1600
UVA 17 August Mechanical Engineering Bldg, Room 339 1300-1345 1345-1430 1430-1515 1515-1600
JMU 18 August Godwin Hall, Room 0338 1300-1345 1345-1430 1430-1515 1515-1600

For UVA Astronomy Building AFROTC offices, Look for the American flag in the parking lot and enter through those doors.

Inprocessing paperwork must be printed out and in-hand. Remember, you will not be permitted to attend CCT if you do not have a valid Form 28/Sports Physical signed by a physician and completed within 30 days of the start of CCT. Parents may accompany their candidates for a Q&A session with Colonel Hough.

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